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Church Administrator

Church administration requires a thorough knowledge of running a church office, policies and procedures, city, county and federal laws, conflict resolution, event planning, and so much more. It takes a unique person to effectively do this job and a trained one to excel in it. This course is unique,    informative, up-to-date, and will inform any pastoral administrative team on how to effectively manage a church and its business affairs.


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Below is a listing of the classes included in the certification course or if you do not want certification you may take any class á la carte. Please note that classes are subject to change to meet current laws.

Principles in Church Administration – This class will focus on what church administration is and the roles of the administrative and pastoral staff. It overviews the calling, giftings, attributes, character and purpose of the ministry of church ministry assistants.

Setting Up and Running a Church Office – This class outlines the administrative structure of a church office, its appearance, office procedures, office etiquette, security, equipment, maximizing your computer, detailed study of proper procedures for filing, storing, archiving, and disposition of records (hard copies and electronic files), and management of a church office. In addition, it overviews the various church management software available to make church administrators and finance managers’ jobs easier. It also covers current technology and equipment for church offices. This is one of our longest courses, so learner needs to pace self accordingly.

Principles of Effective Writing and Editing – This class provides basic writing techniques necessary for every ministry assistant to successfully communicate in print.

Principles of Maintaining a Godly Atmosphere – This class provides insight and guidelines into maintaining a Godly atmosphere in the church office while still effectively managing the business affairs of the church. 

Establishing and Implementing Church Policies and Procedures - This class provides a foundation for the purpose and implementation of written policies to more effectively oversee the business and administrative aspects of the church. 

Principles of Dealing with Difficult Members – This class provides a detailed study of effectively serving difficult members without wounding the member or compromising your sanity or the church’s mission.

Church Facility Management - This class provides an overview of managing the church’s building(s), maintenance requirements, and usage policies.

Principles of Team Ministry in the Church – This class provides in-depth study into flowing together as a team. Ministry Assistants, regardless of denomination, must master the ability to flow effectively with members, fellow staff, and their church leaders. This course details the role of the ministry assistant and how to successfully flow as a team in in fulfilling the vision and mission of the church.

Principles of Maintaining Boundaries - This class provides instructions on establishing and maintaining boundaries. 

Principles of Avoiding Burnout – This class overviews the common cause of burnout, especially for church ministry assistants. It furthers covers techniques to prevent and/or overcome burnout. It also provides techniques and strategies of how to effectively manage your time and accomplish the assignments at hand.

Recruiting, Keeping, and Managing Volunteers – Churches rely on the willingness of their members to serve, often without financial pay. But how do you find, motivate, train, manage, and reward volunteers? This class provides basic guidelines for effectively recruiting, motivating, keeping and managing volunteers without making ship-wreck the health of the church, relationships, and the volunteers’ spirituality.

Staff Infection – This class is designed to provide you with tools in resolving problems within your church or ministry team.

Principles of Event Planning – This class provides detailed instructions and guidance on how to successfully plan, coordinate and oversee church-sponsored events.

 Pastoral Care – Although most pastoral care courses deal with the nurturing and care that a pastor is to give to the sheep, this class deals with the ministry that the church can give to pastors to help alleviate unnecessary stress, financial hardship, and preventing them from becoming causalities  of ministry.

Church Finances and Internal Controls – This class provides detailed information on establishing and implementing internal controls within a church. It also covers contribution accounting and disbursements within a church, including, complying with Internal Revenue Service guidelines, benevolence, love offerings, audit controls, budgeting, basic church bookkeeping, and financial reports.

Internal Revenue, Taxes, State, County, and Copyright Laws – This advance class reviews Internal Revenue Service tax laws and their application to churches. It also covers various state laws, copyright laws, and it details proper financial controls and management. Resource: Your Church and Taxes, State, County and Copyright Laws.

Managing Human Resources – This class is a basic overview on managing a church’s people resources. It covers recruiting and maintaining quality employees, job descriptions, employee laws, ADA, interviewing, establishing pastor salary packet, termination, and compensation.

Serving in the Church – This class stresses the covenant relationship members enter into upon becoming a part of a local church.

Principles of Church Growth – The Church is a living organism and must be seen as that. However, it has been proven that churches grow when they intentionally reach out to people outside of their four walls.  This class focuses on not just growth in numbers but in spirituality.

Risk Management – This class details the proper procedures and tools that must be implemented to ensure adequate care is taken to ensure the security of the church’s  resources, youth, and buildings. It covers topics from insurance, negligent hiring, maintenance, fire hazards to employee screening.

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